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The excursions that can be done include, Great Rift Valley escarpment viewpoint, nature walk, bird watching, tea & flower farms, zip lining, hiking, golf club, historical and cultural sites e.t.c

  • BUXTON TUNNEL:This is the longest train tunnel in Kenya. Completed in the 1940s, Buxton Tunnel boasts a 1.7km of total darkness with a single point of light at the very end which glows brightly. It is a great spot for hiking enthusiasts and adventurous souls.
  • GREAT RIFT VALLEY VIEWPOINT: The great Rift Valley is a geographical and geological feature with a superb viewpoint. Here you can watch the enthralling Rift Valley with its vast vegetation and the sun rays kissing the far and wide stretching mountains in the surrounding.
  • THE ITALIAN PRISONERS OF WAR CHURCH: Located on Mai Mahiu- Naivasha Road lies a little jewel. It could be the smallest Church in Kenya and possibly Africa. Italian Prisoners of War (POW) built this Catholic Church on the slopes of Rift Valley in 1942, under the strict supervision of British Colonialists.
  • TEA FARMS: Kenyan Tea is renowned around the world and a couple of breath taking tea farms are located a few minutes' drive from Jumuia Conference& Country Home. This farm provides a tranquil insight into life on a settler farm. You can enjoy both a tour of the tea plantation and an expert-led tea tasting.
  • THE FOREST: Kereita forest is a settlement in Kenya's Central province where one can find trails into the forest as well as a waterfall. At Kereita, you can enjoy zip lining, archery, paintballing, fishing, tree planting, biking, hiking as well as a serene and pristine environment.
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